The best way to learn Spanish….. by Speaking!

At our Language school we offer you the opportunity to learn Spanish in a welcoming
and professional environment, with a team of fully qualified and experienced teachers.
All the classes are taught by professionals who have been well-trained in using an
effective and communicative method.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn Spanish; whether it is for travelling,
for business, for academic purposes, or simply for your own personal reasons,
The Language Academy will give you the language skills and the confidence you need
to be able to speak Spanish in almost any situation.By using a systematic and communicative approach, it will enable you to quickly use Spanish effectively in everyday situations. From the first lesson, you will speak and listen in Spanish, this way you will not only be making the most of your time but you will also become immediately used to thinking and communicating in Spanish. You will spend most of your lesson practising Spanish by speaking and listening through a range of fun communicative activities. Your time will not be spent reading and writing exercises which can be done out of lesson.

You won´t have to endure lengthy grammtical explanations because grammar is introduced in a natural context. You will be able to work out grammatical rules for yourself from examples and practising in Spanish instead of memorising complicated rules which in the majority of cases are often forgotten in days!

Our teachers are trained to encourage students to do the talking, helping them to build up their confidence tospeak Spanish. The progress of all our students is regularly monitored throughout the course by the head of studies to ensure that all our students are happy with the progress they are making in Spanish.

Call into the school or phone us and find out more about the courses we have.
Try one of the classes and find the Spanish course you are looking for.